How Stripe chooses which Payment Methods to show


The official Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On has access to Stripe’s extensive library of possible payment methods. This article describes the factors that determine which payment methods are presented to your customers when they come to your form that has a Stripe payment option embedded.

Requirements for Additional Payment Methods

To offer the broadest quantity of repayment methods, you will require Stripe Add-On version 5.0. Note that this version of the Stripe Add-On requires Gravity Forms 2.7 or later. For additional instructions to connect to Stripe and form setup instructions, refer to our Stripe Add-On user guides.

What determines the payment methods that are offered?

A number of factors are considered by Stripe before choosing what to display with a Stripe Checkout or Stripe Elements field on your form. They include:

  1. Options set within your Stripe Dashboard.
  2. Settings when using the Stripe Field as your payment collection method.
  3. Enabled filters
  4. Stripe

Below we cover these known factors in more detail.

Important Note: Stripe advises that all payment methods have their own specific requirements for use and may contain additional restrictions that you must comply with, such as marketing guidelines, additional prohibited and restricted businesses, and information about handling disputes and refunds. These usage requirements and restrictions are described in the documentation for that payment method or in the applicable payment terms. Their appearance in the dashboard or within your payment form does not constitute any validation that you have satisfied their specific terms.

Your Stripe Dashboard Settings

Your Stripe Dashboard, as accessed via, contains an area under Settings → Payment Methods titled “Manage your payment methods“. At the top you can select “Gravity Forms by Rocketgenius” as your platform (as long as you have made the connection between your Gravity Forms installation and Stripe). This page will show the full catalog of possible payment methods that Stripe has for you, and they will be marked with a particular status (on, turn on, or blocked) that our Gravity Forms account sets for all related integrations.

Selecting the “Gravity Forms by Rocketgenius” configuration from the Payment Methods within the Stripe Dashboard.

Remember that payment options listed here are made available (or are restricted from being available) for presentation to your customers. When turned on, it does not mean that they will always be presented. Payment methods presented to a particular customer is dependent upon additional factors determined by Stripe and described in this article.

The payment method statuses are as follows:

  • On – this payment method is enabled by default for your Gravity Forms. It is available to be offered to your customers.
  • Turn On – this payment method is off by default and is not available to be offered to your customers. Activating this button will change the status to “on”.
  • Blocked – this payment method is off by default and cannot be turned on via your Stripe Dashboard (the “Turn On” button will be greyed out). See below for more information on blocked payment methods.

The screenshot image below shows some examples of these UI elements within the Stripe Dashboard.

Version Dependent
The payment method statuses shown within the Stripe Dashboard only apply to the Stripe Payment Form and Stripe Field, but only if you have upgraded to Stripe Add-On 5.0.
If you are running a Stripe Add-On with a version less than 5.0 this page may still be available within your Stripe Dashboard, but it will have no effect on your form.

“Enable Additional Payment Methods” Setting

The Stripe payment collection method you have chosen (Stripe Payment Form or Stripe Field, refer to this article for more information) determines how your payment request will get presented and what Stripe technology it will use.

Previously, only the Stripe Payment Form (named Stripe Checkout by Stripe) had the ability to present a wider array of payment methods such as Apple Pay, etc. Stripe Add-On version 5.0 adds the option for “Additional Payment Methods” in the Stripe Field settings. This is option is applicable to the Stripe Field payment collection option, as set within your Stripe → Settings. When enabled, this enables your Stripe Field to display a much wider array of payment options beyond just credit card fields. Enabling this option will disable AJAX embed for the form.

For information on this and other field settings, refer to the Stripe Field user guide.

Blocked Payment Methods

A payment method can be blocked within your Stripe dashboard for a couple of different reasons. They may be payment methods that do not work for all payment types (for example, they do not work for subscriptions), or they may carry specific foreign/remote financial institution requirements that exclude them from being tested by the Gravity Forms team. As such, they are blocked by default by the plugin at installation.

These payment methods will have the “turn on” button greyed out, and they cannot be turned on via your Stripe Dashboard. A blocked payment method can be enabled manually using a WordPress filter (see below), but Gravity Forms cannot guarantee its performance or reliability as these are outside our ability to test. For issues related to these payment methods, please contact Stripe.

The following is a list of payment methods that have the Blocked status by default.

  • Affirm; Alipay; Afterpay / Clearpay; BACS Direct Debit; Bank transfers; BECS Direct Debit in Australia; Boleto; BLIK; Canadian pre-authorized debits; Cartes bancaires; Cash App Pay; FPX; Giropay; GrabPay; Klarna; Konbini; OXXO; PayPal; PayNow; PromptPay; Przelewy24.

This list is not exhaustive as Stripe may enable additional regional payment methods as time goes by.

Stripe Payment Method Filters

If you have a specific need to present a blocked payment method you can use one of the following filters to force the selection:



When using these filters, it is worth noting the following:

  • Specifying an array of payment methods this way will mean that only the payment methods specified will be available for presentation. Any other payment method not specified will be excluded.
  • This setting does not affect the Stripe Dashboard. If a blocked payment is enabled via a filter, your Stripe Dashboard will still show that payment methods as blocked.
  • This array is a list of payment methods that are considered for presentation. What is actually presented to a specific customer is still determined by Stripe’s internal presentation rules at the time of presentation.
  • Using a filter to present a “blocked by default” payment method may limit the ability of the Gravity Forms Support team to investigate any issue you are having with payment collection on that form.


Ultimately, Stripe is the final arbiter of what gets presented to your customer. The factors listed in this article are used to draw up a list of available payment methods. Stripe then analyzes a host of metadata relating to items like your account, currency, customer location etc. These internal rules and logic are used to make the final determination as to which of the available payment methods are actually presented to a particular customer.

Enabling Payment Methods for Subscriptions

Since the Stripe subscriptions API uses Stripe invoices to process subscription payments, any payment method you want to be available when processing subscription payments also needs to be active for invoices, in addition to being an active payment method on your account. Most of your enabled payment methods should be available for invoices, but in case they are not, you can enable them by following the instructions below:

Visit your invoice settings page and scroll to the Default payment terms section. There you should see an option to manage your payment methods:

Stripe Invoice Settings Page showing the Default payment terms section where Payment Methods for invoices are managed.

Click “Manage” and you will see a popup with your available payment methods:

Stripe Manage Payment Options Popup on the Invoice Settings Dashboard.

From this Popup screen, enable the methods you want to be available for subscription payments by toggling them on and saving your settings.