About Stripe Link


The official Gravity Forms Stripe Field supports Link, an almost frictionless payment flow for Stripe customers who are set up on the Link by Stripe service.

Once enabled, the Stripe payment element can automatically fill all of the customer’s payment and shipping details. See the section on “Behavior” below.

For those not already enrolled, the Stripe element will offer customers the option to set up a Link account in order to save their information. This can be a benefit for your customers on subsequent purchases from your site.

The collection, validation, and storage of customer details is a service offered by Stripe and managed from within their embedded payment methods. The information entered there is not made available to Gravity Forms.


  • Customers must have stored their payment information in advance within the Link app (provided and supported by Stripe).
  • Must be using Stripe Add-On 5.0 (which requires Gravity Forms 2.7 or later)
  • A form using the Stripe Field as the payment collection method, with an associated Stripe feed also established. (Note that Link also usually available within the Stripe Checkout page as well, but in that case it does not interact with any other Gravity Forms fields).
  • The form must contain an Email field that is placed before the Stripe Field. That email field must then be identified within the Stripe Field settings to be the Link customer identifier.


When a customer enters their email into the identified Email field on the form, the following is triggered:

  1. Grab the entered email address and search for a match within the Link service.
  2. If a match is found then a request for validation with a one-time authentication code (provided through Stripe’s Link app) will be made.
  3. If properly authenticated, Stripe will fill in the customer’s payment and shipping details into the Stripe payment element.

This action will not auto-populate any of your other form fields and will not be captured within an entry. See below for an animated example.

Image courtesy of Stripe