Using the ConvertKit Add-On


The ConvertKit Add-On offers an official solution for integrating your ConvertKit account with Gravity Forms. Using the ConvertKit Add-On, you can add subscribers to your ConvertKit account while assigning tags to those subscribers upon form submission.


  1. ConvertKit account
  2. Download and install Gravity Forms and the ConvertKit Add-On.

Setup Settings

The initial setup requires that you add your ConvertKit API key and API secret to the ConvertKit Add-On settings page by going to Forms → Settings → ConvertKit.

Refer to the Obtaining your ConvertKit API Key and Setting up the ConvertKit Add-On articles for a complete step-by-step on how to set up the add-on.

Feed Settings

Once you have the ConvertKit Add-On settings saved, you will need to create a feed for each form you want to use to send subscriber data to your ConvertKit account. The feed handles the communication between Gravity Forms and your ConvertKit account. In the feed, you configure the field data (i.e. Name and Email) to send to ConvertKit. When there is a successful form submission, the feed is processed, and that information is pushed to your ConvertKit account.

Refer to the Creating a Feed for the ConvertKit Add-On article for the complete step-by-step on setting up your feeds.

ConvertKit Form Settings

The form settings tab, located within the ConvertKit feed setup page, provides a way for you to enable the Creator Network Recommendations modal, which will display after clicking submit but before Gravity Forms processes the submission. This means it will also run for forms that fail validation.

ConvertKit Form Settings

To enable these settings from within the form editor for a specific form:

  1. Hover over Settings
  2. Click ConvertKit
  3. Click Add New or Edit an existing feed
  4. Click the Form Settings tab

Refer to the Using the ConvertKit Creator Network article for additional information about the Creator Network and the required conditions to enable this feature.

Already Using ConvertKit’s Add-On?

This add-on is intended to replace the add-on previously provided by ConvertKit. As a result, we have made it easy for you to convert to our official ConvertKit Add-On.

Once you have installed and activated this add-on, it will automatically deactivate ConvertKit’s Add-On and copy all your add-on settings and feeds to our add-on. There will be no need to manually set up the new add-on or recreate your feeds.