Setting Up the Mailchimp Add-On


Where to Find These Settings

The Mailchimp settings page can be found within your WordPress admin dashboard. From within the left side navigation menu, follow the path: FormsSettingsMailchimp.

Mailchimp settings
Settings page for the Gravity Forms Mailchimp Add-On

Connect your Mailchimp Account

To connect your site to your Mailchimp account simply follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Connect to Mailchimp button.
  2. Log in to your Mailchimp account within the MailChimp window provided.
  3. Click the Allow button to allow the Gravity Forms app to access your Mailchimp account.
  4. You should now be redirected back to your Settings page showing Connected to Mailchimp as: username. You will also see a Disconnect from Mailchimp button now, in case you need to undo this process.


Gravity Forms Mailchimp settings page.
Mailchimp login window.
Mailchimp authorizing access screen.
Settings screen after successful connection.

Next Steps

Once you have connected the add-on to your account you’re ready to begin creating a Mailchimp feed which will tell your form when and how it should send submission information to Mailchimp.