Moderation Add-On Settings Reference


This quick reference guide lists all the settings related to the Moderation Add-On, and includes a short description of their purpose.

Site-wide settings are available within the Gravity Forms Settings page, where you should find a Moderation tab within the left-hand list.

Form-level settings will be enabled once the site-wide settings are activated, and allow you to make individual form setting decisions for the Moderation Add-On.

Add-On Settings

Perspective API KeyTo use Moderation, you will need a Perspective API key. A green checkmark indicates a valid API key.
Toxicity Score ThresholdSet your own score threshold between 0 (not toxic) and 1 (very toxic) to control what entries are marked as toxic. The default value is 0.5. A leading 0 is required.
Attributes to FilterSelect what kind of content you’d like to block in your form entries. Note: Not all languages support all Filter types. Results are displayed dynamically based on the language selected.
Custom Toxic WordsOptional. Enter a comma-separated list of words that will automatically mark an entry as toxic when present.
Action for Toxic EntriesSelect what you’d like to happen when entries are marked toxic.
Send to toxic boxThis will create a new category on the Entries list page, where filtered entries will be sent (screenshot A).
Delete the entryThis will result in the entry being quietly discarded. There will be no record of this entry.


Screenshot A— Entry Boxes