bookmark_borderSubscription Transaction Type in the PayPal Payments Standard Add-on

When configuring your feed for PayPal using the PayPal addons in Gravity Forms, one of the options is Transaction Type which simply determines if you will be selling a product, a recurring subscription, or accepting donations.

Transaction type-specific options

When selecting the Subscription transaction type within the PayPal Payments Standard addon, additional fields will appear such as the Recurring Amount and Billing Cycle fields. Here’s we’ll explain how to configure these options.

  1. paypal-standard-subscriptions-1The first option available is Recurring Amount. Here, you may either select the form total, or another field that will contain the amount of the subscription purchase.
  2. paypal-standard-subscriptions-2Next up, you will select the amount of time in each billing cycle. For example, if you wanted the subscription to renew monthly, you would select 1 within the first dropdown, and Month within the second dropdown.
  3. paypal-standard-subscriotions-3You can also configure the number of times a subscription will be renewed. By default, it is set to infinite.
  4. paypal-standard-subscriptions-4If billing fails, you have the option to automatically retry again. To do so, simply enable the checkbox labeled Recurring Retry.
  5. paypal-standard-subscriptions-5With the Trial option, you can set the initial purchase to be a trial period with a reduced price before renewing at regular price. Once enabled, additional options will appear for the trial price as well as the time that the trial will be available before renewing at regular price.

You should now know how to manage options specific to the Subscription transaction type within your PayPal Standard feeds. If you have any questions about any of the other options on the PayPal Standard feeds page, take a look at our article on configuring feeds for the PayPal Standard addon.