The User Information Shortcode


The Gravity Forms User Registration plug-in adds a couple of shortcode actions that extends the possibilities for your Gravity Forms shortcode. this article covers the user information shortcode, but see also the article on the login form shortcode.

Example Usage

[gravityforms action="user" id="1" key="nickname" output="list"]


idOptional. The user ID to obtain information about. Only accepts numerical user IDs. Defaults to the current user.
keyRequired. The key within the WordPress user meta that you want to obtain a value from. For example, nickname will obtain the user’s nickname. This also accepts keys stored within the user object such as username.
outputDefines the format of output data. Available options are:
raw: JSON.
csv: comma separated.
list: formatted HTML list.
Note that all content is escaped before output using esc_html(), including raw.