bookmark_borderThe User Information Shortcode

The User Registration add-on includes additional shortcodes that can be used to display additional information about a currently logged in or specific user. This article will explain how to use this shortcode.

Example Usage

&lbrkt;gravityform action="user" id="1" key="nickname" output="list"&rbrkt;


  • id (Optional)
    The user ID to obtain information about. Only accepts numerical user IDs. Defaults to the current user.

  • key (Required)
    The key within the WordPress user meta that you want to obtain a value from. For example, nickname will obtain the user’s nickname. This also accepts keys stored within the user object such as username

  • output (Optional)
    This defines the format that information will be output as, if there are multiple values. Available options are:

    • raw
      Outputs the values as JSON.
    • csv
      Outputs the values as comma separated.
    • list
      Outputs the content as a formatted HTML list.

Note: All content is escaped before output using esc_html(), including raw.