bookmark_borderUser Registration Add-On

The Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On integrates with any Gravity form to allow you to register users on your website. If you are familiar with the MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and FreshBooks Add-Ons you should have no problems getting started with the User Registration Add-On. The User Registration Add-on requires Gravity Forms v1.5+ and will not work with older versions of Gravity Forms. The User Registration Add-On also requires a valid Gravity Forms license at the appropriate license level to receive access to automatic upgrades and documentation.

Installing the User Registration Add-On

  • Download the add-on plugin from the Add-Ons download page.
  • Upload the plugin folder and files via FTP to your wp-content/plugins folder OR upload the plugin zip file via the “Add New” plugin menu in WordPress.
  • Activate the “Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On” plugin you just uploaded.

Setup the User Registration Add-On

After you have installed and activated the User Registration Add-On, you are now ready to setup a User Registration Feed. A User Registration feed allows you to integrate the User Registration Add-On functionality with a Gravity Form to register users using the specified form.

Creating a User Registration compatible Gravity Form

The only required fields a Gravity form must contain to be compatible with the User Registration Add-On are the Username and Email fields. With that said, here are the steps used to create an optimal User Registration form.

  • Username (required)
    Add a Single Line Text field (under Standard Fields); used to map the Username for user registration.
  • First Name & Last Name
    Add a Name field (under Advanced Fields). This will be used to map both the first and last name for user registration.
  • Email (required)
    Add an Email field (under Advanced Fields); used to map the Email Address for user registration.
  • Password
    Add a Password field (under Advanced Fields). This field will only be available after the User Registration Add-on is installed and activated. This field will be mapped to the Password field for user registration.
  • Additional Fields
    You can add as many additional fields as you require. These fields can then be mapped to various User Meta fields available in the User Registration feed.

Setup a User Registration Feed

For information on setting up User Registration feeds, see the following:
Creating a Feed for the User Registration Add-On

Custom Registration Page

  • If you would like to use a custom registration page, please create and publish a new WordPress Page and embed your registration form there.

  • Visit the Forms > Settings > User Registration page, and check the box “Enable Custom Registration Page”. Once checked, you will be presented with a drop down of all the Pages on your site. Select the Page you created and click the “Save Settings” button. That will redirect any visitors who try to access your site’s /wp-login.php?action=register page to the Page on your site which holds your User Registration form.


  • The User Registration Add-on does not automatically add custom meta fields to the WordPress user profile page. If you need to display the data, take a look at Justin Tadlock’s custom user meta post.

PayPal Standard Integration

The User Registration Add-On integrates with the Gravity Forms PayPal Standard Add-On to provide the following options:

  • Register user only when a payment is received.
    When this option is enabled, the user will not be registered until the PayPal payment has been received.
  • Update user when subscription is canceled.
    When this option is enabled, the user’s role will be adjusted based on the drop down selected to the right.

BuddyPress Integration

The User Registration Add-On integrates with the BuddyPress (BP) Plugin allowing you to populate BP profile fields from Gravity Form fields. The BP Meta section of the User Registration feed functions almost identically to the Custom Meta section with the exception of not having an Add Custom option. To add new BP meta options, you must add additional BP profile fields on the BP Profile Field Setup page.

The User Registration Add-On is designed to work with BP v1.2.7.

Mapping BuddyPress Profile Fields

Some BuddyPress fields require special consideration when mapping to Gravity Form fields on your User Registration Feed. Below is a list of these fields and the requirements for mapping them correctly.

  • Checkboxes
    A BP checkboxes field must be mapped to a checkbox field. Mapping to other field types will have varied results. In addition, the BP checkboxes field values should match your GF checkbox field values. Only matched values will be added to BP user profile data correctly.
  • Multi Select Box
    A BP Multi Select Box field must be mapped to a checkbox field. Mapping to other fields types will have varied results.

User Registration Add-on Hooks

The User Registration Add-on provides an assortment of hooks that can be used to modify the default functionality or extend it. For more information, review the User Registration Add-on Hooks.