“Authorize Only” Transactions in the Square Add-On


The option to “Authorize Only” is available in the Feed Settings for the official Gravity Forms Square Add-On. This allows you to instruct Square to gather the payment information, confirm it as valid via an authorization process, and then process (“capture”) the charge at a later date. For example, this may be useful when shipping goods. Your system can authorize when the order is taken, but capture payment when the order ships.

The authorization process is initiated with a successful feed submission. The “capture payment” process is initiated manually from within the successfully authorized entry.

Authorization is not permanent, they must be converted to charge captures or abandoned within a time frame, as determined by Square.


Refer to the article Creating a Feed For Square to find this option. It appears under the Products & Services Settings section for your feed, but only for Transaction Types set to Products & Services.

Square Add-on Authorize Only

Payment Details for Authorizations

The entry detail screen for a payment entry will show a Payment Details section. When using authorization & capture, the entry will initially show a Status: Authorized along with transaction ID, a notice as to when authorization will expire, and a button that will allow you to Capture Payment.

Square Payment Details – Status Authorized Showing Capture Payment

Upon capturing the payment, the notes section is updated to indicate a success, and the Payment Details section updates to Status: Paid along with date, transaction ID, amount and a button allowing you to Refund Payment.


If you have installed the Square Add-On, you will be able to set up notifications triggered in the event of Payment Authorized, Payment Capture Failed, and Payment Refunded.


Refer to this article for information about refunds.