bookmark_borderConfiguring PayPal Payments Pro Feeds

After you have finished setting up the PayPal Payments Pro add-on, you will need to create a feed to show Gravity Forms how to pass your form submissions to PayPal. In this article, we will show you how to create a feed, and the various options associated with PayPal Payments Pro feeds.

Feed Creation

To begin creating a feed, first access the form that you want to make changes to. At the top of the form editor, hover over Settings, then click on PayPal Payments Pro.

To create a new feed for PayPal Payments Pro, click the Add New button.

Feed Configuration

  1. When creating a feed, the first option you will see is Feed Name. Like other add-on feeds, this simply allows you to easily identify your feed, and is not displayed anywhere. Enter any name for your feed here.
  2. Next you will select your transaction type. This will determine if you are selling a one-time or subscription-based product, and each has its own options to choose from.

Products and Services Configuration

If you selected Products and Services** from the *transaction type drop down, the options within this section will appear. If you have selected Subscription, you can skip this section as it will not apply to you.

There is only a single option that is configured for this transaction type: Payment Amount. Within this drop down field, you can select the payment amount to either be a specific product within your form, or the form total.

Subscription Configuration

If you selected Subscriptions within the transaction type dropdown, additional options that are specific to subscriptions will appear.

  1. The first option within the subscription settings is the Recurring Amount setting. This option allows you to set the amount that the subscription will bill for. Using the dropdown, you are able to set the recurring payment amount as one of your product fields, or the form total.

Additional Configuration

Under the Other Settings section, there are several other options to be configured. These options are the same regardless of the transaction type you select.

Billing Information

To configure what billing information is sent to PayPal when processing a transaction, billing information can be mapped to form fields. Next to each data type, select the form field that matches it. For example, for the Last Name data type, select the field that would be filled out for the customer’s last name.

Conditional Logic

If you want to enable conditional logic on this feed, select the checkbox labeled Enable Condition. For more information on configuring conditional logic, take a look at the conditional logic article.

API Settings

When using the PayPal Payments Pro add-on, you have the ability to override the default API credentials on a feed-specific basis. When doing this, the global API credentials will be ignored, and the ones within the feed will be used instead.