bookmark_borderCreating a PayPal Payments Pro Sandbox Account

When setting up the PayPal Payments Pro add-on, it is recommended that you initially test it using a sandbox developer account first, before attempting to process live transactions. This ensures that there aren’t any unexpected surprised when you’re ready to go live.

In this article, we are going to show you how to create a new PayPal Payments Pro sandbox account.


A PayPal Payments Pro account.

Getting Your Sandbox Credentials

The first step is to create new PayPal Sandbox credentials. Here’s how to do so:

  1. First, access the PayPal Developer site and log in with your PayPal personal or business account. If you don’t have one, feel free to create one. It will only be used to create new sandbox credentials.
  2. Once logged into the PayPal developer site, locate the Sandbox setting on the left side navigation menu, and click on Accounts.
  3. You should now see any existing sandbox accounts listed. To create a new one, click Create Account on the top right of the page.
  4. Begin filling out any appropriate properties that you would like to apply to the newly created sandbox account. The only requirement for Gravity Forms is that you select Business under Account Type.
    Note: This is not a live account. Setting something like a very basic password is usually a good thing in these scenarios as it will be easier to remember, and security of sandbox accounts is not a high priority. The same goes for Email field as it will never be sent live emails.
  5. When your settings are set to your liking, click the Create Account button to save your changes.
  6. Now that the new account is created, it needs to be upgraded to a PayPal Payments Pro account, so that it is able to be tested with PayPal Payments Pro. To do so, click on the listing for the newly created account, then click on Profile.
  7. From the account profile page, locate the Account Type header. Click on the Upgrade to Pro link to upgrade this sandbox account to PayPal Payments Pro.

You’re now ready to follow the next section which will take place in the PayPal Manager.

Setting Up the PayPal Manager

After getting your sandbox credentials set up, you’ll need to configure the PayPal Manager to use those credentials.

Checkout Page Settings

  1. Begin by logging into the PayPal Manager with your PayPal Payments Pro account.
  2. At the top of the page, click on Service Settings, then on Hosted Checkout Pages. Select Set Up to begin the setup.
  3. First, ensure Transaction Process Mode is set to Test. If not already set, change it accordingly.
  4. Next up, an Error URL needs to be defined. As this will be overridden with the API, simply enter a placeholder such as here.
  5. Under the PayPal Express Checkout header, locate the PayPal Sandbox email address option. Within this field, enter the email address for the sandbox account you created in the previous section of this article.
    Note: Be sure that this step is accurate, and there are not any spaces before or after the email address in the field, as this will cause errors when testing.
  6. Within the Billing Information, set any fields that you want to collect as Required as well as Editable.
  7. Skip on down to the Payment Confirmation section. Here, you will see an option labeled Show confirmation page. Set this to On my website.
  8. All the way at the bottom of the page, find the Enable secure token option and set it to Yes.
  9. Now that all of your settings are configured on this page, click the Save Settings button.

Fraud Protection Settings

As this is a test account and is not processing live transactions, it’s a good idea to remove the fraud protection as it eliminates the possibility of test transactions being flagged as fraud.

To do so, access the Fraud Protection menu item at the top of the page. From there, go to the Test Setup page, then Edit Standard Filters.

Once on the standard filters page, uncheck each of the checkboxes and save your changes. Fraud protection filters are now disabled.


Your PayPal Payments Pro sandbox credentials will be the same as your current credentials used to log into the PayPal Manager.

Test Credit Card Number

To access your test card number, log into the PayPal Developers site and access the sandbox account you previously created in this article. Within this, you will see card numbers that can be used for testing purposes.