Getting Started with the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On

Sometimes getting started with the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On can be a bit daunting. For someone who has never used it, there can be some challenges in knowing where to begin and where to continue on to. In this article, we will outline steps that you will take when setting up the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On for Gravity Forms.


Important: PayPal requires PCI compliance when using PayPal Payments Pro. For more information on PCI compliance, you will need to contact your web host.

The following articles outline the requirements for the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On:
PayPal Payments Pro Requirements

The Gravity Forms system requirements will also apply. They can be found here:
Gravity Forms Requirements


Before you can use this PayPal Payments Pro Add-On, you’ll need to install it. Installation is the same process as installing Gravity Forms or any other WordPress plugin from a zip file. If you need more information on how to do so, the following article will walk you through the process:
Installing Gravity Forms Add-Ons


Initial setup of the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On involves adding your PayPal Payment Pro credentials, as well as adding a credit card field to your form. More information on these can be found at the following:
Setting Up the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On

If you wish to use a PayPal Payments Pro Sandbox account, and need help creating one, this article will get you started:
Creating PayPal Payments Pro Sandbox Accounts

Feed Creation

To use the PayPal Payments Pro Add-On with your form, you will need to first create a feed for it. This is similar to other add-on feeds. The following article will explain the process:
Creating PayPal Payments Pro Feeds

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