bookmark_borderDownloading and Installing the User Registration Add-On

Downloading the User Registration Add-On

To download the User Registration Add-On click the download button on the User Registration Add-on plugin from the Add-Ons download page.


Installing the User Registration Add-On

There are multiple ways to install your plugin. The easiest method is to install the Add-On via the Plugins tab in WordPress Admin Dashboard. However, you can also install the Add-on via FTP to your wp-content/plugins folder. For more information on installing via FTP, visit installing gravity forms add-ons.

  1. User_reg_add_new To begin installing via the Plugins tab in your WordPress Dashboard, hover over Plugins, and select Add New.

  2. User_reg_upload To upload your User Registration Add-On, click the Upload Plugin button located in top left corner of your WordPress Dashboard.

  3. choose_file To select your file, use the Choose File option, or drag the file directly over it.

  4. select Once you have selected the file, the Install Now button should be ready to select. Select Install Now to install your User Registration plugin.

  5. Activate 2 Once you have installed your plugin, you will be given the option to Activate Plugin, or Return to Plugins page. Select activate to activate your plugin.

Note: For any reason you do not wish to activate the plugin at that time, you can later find the Activate option either in your All section, once you have selected Plugins, or in the Inactive section in Plugins.


To learn how to set up your User Registration Feed, visit Setting up Your User Registration Add-On.