Authenticating With Stripe FAQ

How does Gravity Forms authenticate with Stripe?

Version 2.8 of our official Stripe add-on implements Stripe’s recommended Stripe Connect authentication and account linking method. This is a simpler and more secure way of connecting your Stripe account to your website that does not involve manual handling or storage of API keys. Stripe Connect streamlines the connection process for ease of use and improves security by preventing issues that may arise when copying and pasting details between Stripe and a settings page.

I am new to the Stripe Add-On, what do I do?

Just click the “Connect With Stripe” button shown in the Forms > Settings > Stripe page, or refer to this user guide for more details on how to connect.

If you don’t have a Stripe account yet, the “Connect with Stripe” button will offer you the chance to create a one. It only takes a few minutes. If you do have a Stripe account, you will just need your login credentials.

I already have the Stripe Add-On working, can I update to this more secure connection method?

You can. Indeed you will see a notice in your settings page recommending that you do. Stripe does recommend using their preferred method. Just click the “Connect with Stripe” button and follow the instructions provided by the secure authentication page.

Stripe Connect Warning Message

Updating the connection type will have no effect on any of your existing plugin settings or form behavior. All your connected forms, feeds, and entries will be unchanged and will continue to work as expected.

I already have the Stripe Add-On setup, but I don’t want to change anything right now

You do not have to change your setup if you are happy with it. Your existing Stripe add-on will continue to function as it has been without any change.

If you want to specifically revert to the old Stripe add-on Settings page, you will need to modify your setup to incorporate this filter that allows you to modify that page and will remove the notification message.

What Stripe user role do I need to authenticate my website to a Stripe account using Stripe Connect?

Stripe states that “Only user roles of owners or administrator can connect the Stripe account to Connect platforms.” Note that Stripe has not extended this ability to the user role of “developer”. As such, developers will need someone with administrator level access to connect the account to their Gravity Forms.

Is Gravity Forms a Stripe partner?

Stripe verified partner badgeYes. We are registered under the Stripe Partner Program. This process includes a strict set of requirements to ensure we adopt Stripe’s recommended best practices for security, API usage and connection methodology.

Does store the data I collect with the Stripe Add-On?

The data you collect with your Stripe-connected forms may be stored on your server(s), like any other submission, depending on the connection method you chose when setting up the Stripe Add-On. Like all Gravity Forms form submissions, that information is not transmitted to our servers in any way.

As with all integrators with Stripe Connect, we are provided access to Stripe’s reporting portal which shows transactions that pass through our plugin. Like all Stripe transactions, this data is stored and secured by Stripe, and is not transmitted to us in any way for any other purposes. Gravity Forms does not use any unique transaction data from this source, and we only review aggregate volume data occasionally to monitor the performance of the add-on. Additionally, we have limited access to Stripe’s reporting portal to our company principals only.