Using the Stripe Add-On


Gravity Forms and Stripe allow you to quickly and easily implement credit card payments with WordPress. The Stripe Add-On lets you capture one-time credit card payments or set up recurring subscriptions.

If you are familiar with our other Gravity Forms Add-Ons, or even if you’re not, you’ll be right at home getting started with the Stripe Add-On!

Stripe Add-On 5.0 requires Gravity Forms version 2.7+.


  • Gravity Forms v2.7+
  • WordPress v5.9+
  • SSL Certificate Installed and Configured
  • Download and install the add-on
  • A Stripe account

Because of the secure nature of capturing credit card information, you must purchase and install an SSL certificate on your website if you have not already done so. You must also configure your WordPress site to work properly with SSL.

Contact your web host if you need assistance purchasing and configuring an SSL certificate.

If you need assistance configuring your WordPress site to work with SSL, we recommend the WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin, which you can find here:

Setup Stripe

Learn how to set up the Stripe Add-On in our Setting Up the Stripe Add-On article.

Setup Your Form

Refer to the Setting Up a Stripe Compatible Form article for detailed instructions on how to set up your form to be compatible with the Stripe Add-On.

Setup Stripe Feeds

Now that you have configured the Stripe Add-On to work with your Stripe account and have a form configured and ready to interact with Stripe, it’s time to bring it all together by configuring the form to integrate with Stripe. Like all Gravity Forms Add-Ons, this integration is done by creating a feed.

Review our Creating a Feed for the Stripe Add-On article for step-by-step instructions.

Viewing Sales Results

After creating a feed and making your first sale, you can view the results on the Sales Results page. Review Viewing Sales Results article for more information.

About Payment Collection Methods

The Stripe Add-On offers multiple methods to collect payment information. Each method offers a different split of responsibilities between your form and Stripe as it pertains to the collection and storage of payment related information. See this help article for more information on the payment collection methods offered.

Stripe Subscription Cancellations

When setting up a Stripe Subscription, please keep in mind that the only way to currently cancel a subscription is via the WordPress Admin or the Stripe admin. You can cancel an existing subscription by viewing the entry associated with the subscription and choosing the cancel option for the Stripe subscription.

Stripe Add-On Hooks

The Stripe Add-On provides hooks that can be used to modify the default functionality or extend it. For more information, review the Stripe Add-On Hooks.

Add-On Framework Hooks

Because the Stripe Add-On is built using the Add-On Framework it also inherits any hooks available in the framework methods it uses, such as: