bookmark_borderSetting up a Stripe Compatible Form

If you haven’t downloaded and installed your Stripe Add-On, visit Downloading and Installing the Stripe Add-On to download your add-on.

Setting up a Stripe Compatible Form

Once you have downloaded and installed your Stripe Add-On, you are now ready to begin setting up your stripe compatible form.


  1. Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 2.37.45 PM Lets get started, login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, hover over Forms, and select New Form.

  2. stripe_test Create your form by filling in the appropriate information in the Form Title and From Description boxes. The description is not required, however, the title is. If you need help with creating forms, visit Creating a Form for more information.

Now that we have created our form, there are only a few fields we need in order to integrate with Stripe, the Pricing and Credit Card fields. However, you may want to include basic payment information capturing fields as well. These include: Name, Email, Address, etc.

Note: When using Page fields to create a multi-page form the Credit Card field should be located on the last page of the form.


  1. pricing You will now need to add the required fields to your form. These include Pricing fields of your choice, and the Credit Card field. In the example provided the Product Name and Total serve as the pricing fields.

  2. Other Once you have added these fields to your form, you can now add any other additional fields that will complete your payment transaction form. I included the Name, Email, and Address fields to get basic information from my customers. If you would like to receive receipts for Stripe transactions, add the Email Field.

  3. form Once you have completed your form you can select Preview in your top navigation bar under Form Editor, and your form should look similar to this.

Note: If your form does not look exactly like the image above, don’t panic. Every form will vary depending on which fields were selected, and what order they were added to the form. As long as you have pricing fields of some sort, and a credit card field, your form is valid for integration.

Now that you have created your form for Stripe, visit Obtaining and Saving your Stripe API Keys for the next step in the integration process.

Note: If you delete the Credit Card field from your form the Stripe feeds will automatically deactivate to prevent them running during form submission, which as the field is missing would cause a validation error due to Stripe being unable to capture the card details.

Last modified: February 6, 2018