Viewing Sales Results

Where can I see the Sales Results?

As a site administrator, you can view results from a payment add-on like Stripe or PayPal by navigating to the Form and clicking the Sales link at the top of the form editor.

Screenshot of Sales Results link in Form Editor

If you have multiple Add-Ons installed that support results, you will need to hover over the “Results” item and then select “Sales” in the submenu.

Sales Results Display

The sales results are divided into a few sections within a dashboard style layout. 

Screenshot of Sales Results Page
TodayDisplays the value of orders and subscriptions made today.
YesterdayDisplays the value of orders and subscriptions made yesterday.
Last 30 DaysDisplays the value of orders and subscriptions made in the last 30 days.
TotalDisplays the value of orders and subscriptions made in total.
Results GraphDisplays sales results in a visual format.
Results NumbersDisplays sales results in a number format.

Results Filter

The filter section displayed in the right hand sidebar allows you to limit which results are included in your display.

View selects how you would like the data to be displayed: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

Payment Method allows you to view only certain payment methods like Visa or Mastercard.

Start date and End date limit your results display to those submission made within a certain date range.