Exporting Gravity Forms Entries as a PDF

An occasional request we get from users, is wanting to export their Gravity Forms entries as a PDF, for better printing or attaching them within an email.

While Gravity Forms does not have the ability to natively export entries as a PDF, we do have three Certified Developers that offer solutions:

  • Fillable PDFs – Automatically generate and send downloadable PDFs when a form is submitted. This feature rich add-on enables you to add digital signatures and other images directly from your forms into PDFs, prevent unwanted users from accessing PDFs with password protection, convert PDFs into forms, and much more.
  • Gravity PDF – If you’d rather start out with a free tool, then Gravity PDF is your best bet. You can try out the four free templates it comes with out of the box and have custom templates created for you on an as-need basis.
  • Gravity Flow – If you’re looking to add Gravity Forms PDF generation to your workflow to automate the process and are already using Gravity Flow, our best advice is to go for the Gravity Flow PDF Generator extension. It’s simple and effective!

You can find Gravity PDF, ForGravity, Gravity Flow in our third-party add-on library here.


Please note these add-ons are not supported by our Gravity Forms team. Please contact the plugin developer if you have any questions about its features or require support.

Disclaimer: Third-party services, plugins, or code snippets that are referenced by our Support documentation or in Support Team communications are provided as suggestions only. We do not evaluate, test or officially support third-party solutions. You are wholly responsible for determining if any suggestion given is sufficient to meet the functional, security, legal, ongoing cost and support needs of your project.

Feedback, feature and integration requests, and other functionality ideas can be submitted on our Gravity FormsGravity Flow, or Gravity SMTP product roadmap pages.