How To Manually Update For Older WordPress Editions

To manually update Gravity Forms on WordPress versions 5.4 or older, follow the step below.

For more recent WordPress versions, refer to our master article here.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, download the Gravity Forms or Add-On zip from the downloads page. Be sure to save this zip file somewhere easily accessible as you will need it soon.
  2. From within your WordPress admin dashboard, click Plugins on the left side navigation menu.
  3. If the plugin is active, select the Deactivate option for the plugin you’re trying to update.
  4. Select the Delete option for the plugin you’re trying to update.
  5. Click OK or Yes when prompted to delete the files. This step deletes the plugin’s folder and the files inside. The data part of the message in the prompt does NOT apply to Gravity Forms or our official add-ons. As mentioned above your data will remain.
  6. Click the Add New button.
  7. Click the Upload Plugin button.
  8. Click the Browse button.
  9. Navigate to the zip file you previously downloaded and select it.
  10. Once the file is selected, click the Install Now button.
  11. Click the Activate Plugin button.