Holding Notifications until after Payment

This article explains how to send notifications after the payment has been completed when using payment add-ons.

Payment Completed Event Notification

The Payment Completed notification event will send the notification when a payment has successfully been completed. This is not to be confused with the Subscription Created event which will occur when a new subscription is created.

In order to enable this notification event, perform the steps below. This article assumes you have already created a form and the associated feed to the payment service.

  1. From the left hand navigation menu, hover over Forms and then click on Forms.
  2. Select your form from the Forms list.
  3. Hover over Settings and click on Notifications.
  1. From the Notifications list page, click Edit to edit the existing admin notification, or click Add New to create a new notification.
  1. On the Notification page, select Payment Completed from the Event drop down. This will send the notification when a payment has successfully been completed.
Hold Notification until Payment - Payment Completed
  1. Click the Update Notification button to save your changes.

Supported Add-Ons

The Payment Completed notification event is available in the following add-ons:

  • PayPal Checkout Add-On
  • PayPal Standard Add-On
  • PayPal Payments Pro Add-On
  • Stripe Add-On
  • Authorize.Net Add-On
  • Mollie Add-On

Other Gravity Forms Notification Events

For more information on the different notification events that are available within Gravity Forms as well as additional add-ons, please refer to this article.