How to Change the Gravity Forms License on a Site


There is a chance you may need to replace the Gravity Forms license key in use on one of your websites with a different Gravity Forms license key.

For example, your license may have expired and you have purchased a new one, or you can no longer contact the developer who originally set-up your website and you want to replace their Gravity Forms license key with one you can control and manage yourself.


  • Administrator access to a WordPress website that has an existing Gravity Forms license key installed and registered on it.
  • A new Gravity Forms license key. See this article for information on how to find your key within your Gravity Forms account. You can purchase from the Gravity Forms pricing page.

Updating the Key

It really is as easy as pasting the new key over the hold one (though note that the old one is a hidden field, and represented only by asterisks).


  1. Navigate to Forms > Settings.
  2. Under General Settings, paste your new license key into the Support License Key field.
  3. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page.
  4. A green check mark should be displayed next to the field if your license key has been successfully activated.
WordPress General Settings License Key
Image: A successfully validated Gravity Forms license key


  • Make sure the new license key has the same capabilities as the installed license you are replacing (or exceeds them). Otherwise you may lose access to needed add-on updates, have an insufficient site allowance, or lose your Priority Support status. See this article for a summary of license types and their benefits.
  • Changing your license key does not disrupt any of your form functionality, and will not cause the loss of any existing form data. You can make this change without disruption.
  • If your key does not validate, check this table for a list of possible validation errors you may encounter.