bookmark_borderObtaining and Saving your Stripe API Keys

If you haven’t setup your Stripe compatible form yet, please visit Setting up a Stripe Compatible Form before continuing.

##Setting up the Stripe Add-On

Now that you have created your form, we can now setup your Stripe Add-On and connect it to your Stripe account. We will first need to retrieve your Stripe API, and then enter these credentials into the Stripe Add-On Settings page.


  1. Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 12.20.24 PM To begin, you will need to login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Once you have logged in, hover over Forms and select Forms Settings.

  2. striper Once you are in your form settings, select Stripe form the list on the left. You screen should now see something like the image to the right.

  3. test Once you are in your Stripe Settings you have two API options. The Live option is if for actual use and real transactions. The Test option is for testing Stripe’s integration with Gravity Forms and submitting test forms. In this article we will use Test because we are simply trying to integrate the Stripe plugin with Gravity Forms.


  1. 1 Once you have selected Test, as your API type, open up a new window, or tab, and visit to get your API keys. Once you are on the Stripe webpage, sign in, and go to your dashboard.

  2. account settings Once you are in your Stripe dashboard, verify that you are in test mode (for the purpose of integration). Select Your Account, and then Account Settings. Once you have done so, you should see something very similar to the image on the right.

  3. API keys Select API Keys in the top navigation bar, to retrieve your API keys. After you have selected API Keys you should see four API keys.

  4. download From here, you will want to copy each key individually and paste them into their appropriate box under Stripe Settings. For example Test Secret Key should go in the Test Secret Key box and so on and so forth. If you entered in the correct keys, you will be notified by a green check mark beside each box.

  5. download (2) Once you have added the correct fields, select View Instructions to Enable Webhooks in your Stripe account.

  6. download (1) Once you have followed those instructions, and enabled your Gravity Forms Webhook URL, select the checkbox verifying that you have done so. Once you have selected the checkbox, select Update Settings.

Now that you have obtained and saved your API keys, visit Setting up the Stripe Feeds to complete the final step in integrating your Stripe Add-On with Gravity Forms.