Using the Mollie Add-on


The official Gravity Forms Mollie Add-On allows you to quickly and easily capture one-time credit card payments with WordPress and your Mollie account.


  • You will of course need Gravity Forms and the official Gravity Forms Mollie Add-On installed and activated.
  • SSL Certificate Installed and Configured
  • Publicly Accessible Website (for installation and testing)
  • A Mollie account

Because of the secure nature of capturing credit card information, you will be required to install an SSL certificate on your web site if you have not already done so. You will also need to configure your WordPress site to work properly with SSL.

Contact your web host if you need assistance purchasing and configuring an SSL certificate.

If you need assistance configuring your WordPress site to work with SSL, we recommend the WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin which you can find here:

Setup Mollie

Learn how to setup the Mollie Add-on in our Setting Up the Mollie Add-on article.

Setup Your Form

Refer to the Setting up a Mollie Compatible Form article for detailed instructions on how to setup your form to be compatible with the Mollie Add-on.

Setting up a Mollie Feed

Now that you have configured the Mollie Add-on to work with your Mollie account, and you have a form configured, it’s time to bring it all together by configuring the form to send it’s submissions to Mollie. Just like all of our Gravity Forms Add-ons, this is done by creating a feed.

Review our Creating a Feed for the Mollie Add-on article for step-by-step instructions.

Note that a pre-configured feed will be created in the Form Settings > Mollie area when a form containing a Mollie Field is saved, and a feed does not already exist.

Viewing Sales Results

After creating a feed and making your first sale, you can view the results on the Sales Results page.  Review Viewing Sales Results article for more information.

Important Notes

  • Only one-time credit card payments (Products and Services transaction type) are supported with the Mollie Add-on. Recurring payments (Subscriptions) are not supported in our Mollie Add-On at this time. Let us know how important creating subscriptions is to you on our roadmap.
  • The currency setting for your Mollie Account must match your Gravity Forms Currency Setting. Whichever Currency setting you have configured in Gravity Forms will define the payment methods available in the Mollie Field.
  • You cannot refund the same amount twice from Mollie. This is a known issues with the Mollie Dashboard: the refund modal will remain with a spinner and no errors message displayed. This isn’t really a Gravity Forms Add-on Issue, but an issue with refunds from within Mollie and the Refund Webhook communication.
  • Credit Card payments without 3D Secure do not receive a refund webhook. This means the payment status of entries won’t be updated if the payment is refunded from Mollie.

Mollie Add-On Hooks

The Mollie Add-On provides hooks that can be used to modify the default functionality or extend it. For more information, review the Mollie Add-On Hooks.

Add-On Framework Hooks

Because the Mollie Add-On is built using the Add-On Framework it also inherits any hooks available in the framework methods it uses such as:

gform_{$SHORT_SLUG}_field_value for changing a field value before it is passed to Mollie.