bookmark_borderHow to Transfer Your License to a Different User

In some instances, such as if you purchased a license for a client, you may need to transfer your Gravity Forms license to a different user. Here’s how to do it.

Process To Initiate A License Transfer

  1. Login to the Account area and go to the Licenses page.
  2. gravity-transfer-1Click the “transfer” action button next to the license you want to relinquish. A transfer form will appear.
  3. Complete first name and last name of the destination account.
  4. Complete the email of the destination account.
  5. Put in your password to authorize this request.
  6. Read and then mark the checkbox to confirm that you understand the consequences of a transfer.
  7. gravity-transfer-2Click “Process License Transfer”.

What Happens Next

Once you submit the transfer form, the following actions will occur (where applicable):

For the original owner, the license will disappear from the license list. Any existing payment methods and scheduled renewals for that license will be canceled and removed. As the license is no longer visible on the Licenses page, there will no longer be any access to historical transactions or active/revoked sites.

For the new owner, if the destination account exists under the email provided, then the license will be deposited there and an email sent informing them of the transfer. If the destination account does not already exist, a welcome email will be sent to the email address specified, which will include a link to complete their account registration and receive their license.

The new owner will not be able to see any previous payment methods, receipts, historical transactions, or previously revoked sites. There is no effect on any existing sites using this license, and all active sites for this license will show up on the new owner’s site list.

The remaining details of the license will be unchanged by the transfer process. License key, license type and expiry date will all remind the same.

The new license owner must establish their own payment method for this license. This can be done via the renew or upgrade processes.