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Form Switcher in Gravity Forms 2.5

Form Switcher 2.5 The Gravity Forms form switcher interface has returned in Gravity Forms version 2.5 ! It is available in the top left corner of the Edit, Settings, and Entries pages.

Forcing Gravity Forms Database Upgrades

If you're having issues upgrading the Gravity Forms database after an update, this can sometimes be due to a failed database modification.

FAQ on Cache and Script Optimizer Issues

This article explains the concepts of caching and script optimization and why they can adversely affect the behavior of Gravity Forms

FAQ About Gravity Forms Language Translation Files

This article provides some information on how Gravity Forms manages language translation files.

FAQ about additional data collection

This article discusses the intent behind data collection opt-in setting

Exporting Gravity Forms Entries as a PDF

An occasional request we get from users, is wanting to export their Gravity Forms entries as a PDF, for better printing or attaching them within an email.

Error ‘Unexpected T_STRING’ when installing Gravity Forms

This article offers potential cause and remedy for a PHP related error that may be encountered during Gravity Forms installation.

Enabling the Gravity Forms Toolbar Menu

The Gravity Forms toolbar menu enables quick access to your most recent common actions. This article shows you how to enable it.

Enabling No Conflict Mode

If you are running into issues with your form builder, view this article to learn how to enable no conflict mode. This will temporarily resolve the issue.

Dynamically Populating the Post Author

Learn how to dynamically populate the post author in Gravity Forms.