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Dynamically Populating Drop Down, Radio Buttons or Multi-Select Fields

Introduction Being able to dynamically populate the values in a select (aka drop down) field is fairly common requirement for product selection forms, product option forms, or any form that requires earlier submissions to drive choices in a latter collection field.

Dynamically Populating a Field

Introduction Using dynamic population in Gravity Forms allows you to dynamically populate a field with a value (or values depending on the field type).

Does Gravity Forms Support HHVM?

While Gravity Forms is not tested on HHVM, in many cases it will operate properly out of the box or with a few modifications.

Does Gravity Forms Support ….

You can embed the Gravity Forms shortcode anywhere within your WordPress site, independently from other plugins. But to talk effectively and get closer integration between Gravity Forms and a third party service, we recommend:.

Displaying a Form Within a Modal/Popup/Lightbox

Note: This tutorial is provided as a suggestion only. We do not support third party solutions. If you have any troulbe using Popup Maker, please contact with its author.

Disabling Automatic Scrolling On Form Confirmations

When a form is submitted, the default behavior of Gravity Forms is to scroll to the confirmation message. In the vast majority of cases, this is the desired behavior, but in a few scenarios, you may want to disable this functionality.

Deprecation of the Rocketgenius Namespace for Gravity Forms 2.5

The top-level Rocketgenius namespace is being replaced with Gravity_Forms, which may break third party add-ons using the old namespace. This document describes those changes in Gravity Forms 2.5 Beta 3.

Deprecation of the Gravity Forms Credit Card Field

Notice ❗The Gravity Forms Credit Card Field has been deprecated for use with all our modern payment add-ons. Instead, use the gateway-specific payment collection fields.

Deprecated Gravity Forms Database Tables

The following database tables have been deprecated as of Gravity Forms 2.3, and should not be utilized by any custom code or third-party plug-ins etc.

Delete Entry Data after Submission

By default, Gravity Forms was designed to record all data submitted to it, so there isn't an override to stop Gravity Forms from storing entry data upon submission.