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Common Form Issues

This article outlines common issues you may be faced with and how to resolve them.

Checking Your Environment Details

As of Gravity Forms 2.2, it's possible to see full details on your hosting environment from directly within Gravity Forms.

Changing the Payment Description in the Stripe Add-On

If you need to change the payment description that is sent from your form to Stripe, you can do so quite easily using the gform_stripe_charge_description filter.

Can Gravity Forms Do…?

Gravity Forms offers hundreds of features for new and experienced Wordpress users alike. Additionally, there are many different ways to extend what the core product does.

Batchbook Changelog

View the change log for the Batchbook Add-On.

Authorized Gravity Forms Sellers

If you're wondering if the deal you've located is a valid one for Gravity Forms, or you've found a site that is offering a discounted version of Gravity Forms that isn't sold directly on our site, it's likely not the real deal.

Adding Row Spans in the Gravity Forms 2.5 Form Editor

Add fields that span multiple rows to your Gravity Forms in the 2.5 Form Editor using CSS Grid.

Adding Javascript Code to the Admin Side of Your Site

Adding scripts and styles for use in the wp-admin area of your site can be accomplished in a few ways.

Adding Images, JavaScript, and HTML To Forms

If you need to insert an image or other HTML content within your form, Gravity Forms makes the process easy and painless with the HTML field.

Adding an inline Submit Button in Gravity Forms 2.5

This tutorial provides a quick overview of how to add an inline submit button with the new columnar layout editor available in Gravity Forms 2.5.