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Adding an inline Submit Button in Gravity Forms 2.5

This tutorial provides a quick overview of how to add an inline submit button with the new columnar layout editor available in Gravity Forms 2.5.

Add-On Support for Background Feed Processing

Background or async feed processing is a method that can be used to improve form submission performance.

Accessibility Warning Showing on Field

This article provides information regarding accessibility warning messages you may receive for a particular field on your form.

Accessibility Guide for Developers

Introduction How to create a form that is usable and accessible for most people?How to develop so that your forms comply to the global Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (currently WCAG 2.1 AA)?How to keep your forms accessible while adding CSS and Javascript for special styling of form controls and interaction?What is important to structure your form elements.

Accessibility Guide for Designers

Design a beautiful form and and make it accessible for all users, that’s what we all want. On this page we list some of the most important topics where design, accessibility and good UX meet.

Accessibility Guide for Content Providers

Introduction With Gravity Forms you have a great tool to create accessible web forms. In this documentation we want to help you:.

Accessibility Checklist for Gravity Forms

This article takes you through settings and options for forms and fields to help educate you as to what (and what not) to use for better accessibility of your forms.

Accepting Payments Without SSL

Learn how to accept payments using Gravity Forms without your own dedicated SSL by using the PayPal Standard add-on.

About Processor Decline Errors When Attempting A Purchase

This article explains what a processor decline is when you are trying to make a purchase on the Gravity Forms website, and how you may go about resolving it.

About GoDaddy Starter Licenses

Answers to the most common questions we receive about the Gravity Forms Starter license provided to GoDaddy hosted website customers.