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Where does custom code go?

Check out this page regarding where various types of custom code needs to be placed.

Where Do I Put This Code?

Where can I find CSS tutorials?

CSS is pretty easy to pick up. It’s written in a way that makes sense for even the least-technical people.

W3 Schools is a great place to learn the basics. They provide an easy to read format with tons of actual examples to get you started.
W3 Schools CSS

A quick search will turn up several other good sites like this one:
CSS Tutorial

Where can I find PHP tutorials?

PHP requires some more programming knowledge and understanding to work with than HTML or CSS.

W3 Schools has a great set of tutorials to help learn the basics of PHP.
W3 Schools PHP

A quick search will turn up several other good sites like this one:
PHP Tuts

What themes work best with Gravity Forms?

Themes coded to WordPress’ theme standards will work with Gravity Forms. They should use the WordPress included jQuery version, and include all the require tags in a WordPress theme.

We do list special partners on our homepage that have chosen to test compatibility and even create custom styles for Gravity Forms including:

  • Headway Themes
  • WooThemes
  • Builder
  • Organic Themes
  • Allure Themes
  • Startbox
  • Mint Themes

Most themes added to the WordPress Extend Themes section of the website should also work as expected.

Last modified: October 4, 2017