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Common Questions About Gravity Forms

This article lists several of the Frequently Asked Questions received about Gravity Forms, from what it is to when certain features will be added.

Common Questions about Gravity Forms Licensing

Information on standard license operations such as renewing, upgrading, cancelling and transferring an active license that you own.

Creating a Feed for the FreshBooks (Classic) Add-On

This article contains step-by-step instructions on how to create a feed for the FreshBooks Add-On.

Creating Columns in the Form Editor

Demonstrates how to work with columns in the new Form Editor in Gravity Forms 2.5

Creating Customized Form Notification Emails

Introduction A combination of HTML, CSS styling and Gravity Forms merge tags can be used to create a template that will be populated with dynamic content allowing you to style and brand your notifications.

Creating Multi-Page Forms

Introduction A form with quite a few fields can look a daunting for someone filling out the form. Many times, the form can be simplified by spanning it across several pages.

Credit Card Processing Error Messages

Details of the messages displayed by third-party payment processors when there is an error processing a credit card.

Custom Logging Statements

While Gravity Forms and its add-ons include numerous logging statements, sometimes you may need to add more. Discover how to add custom logging.

Customizing Forms created from the Template Library

This article discusses all the steps you should take to turn a Gravity Forms template form into a tailored fully functioning form on your own website.

Delete Entry Data After Post Submission