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Need more information about what Gravity Forms is doing? Try our Logging Add-on. It records what Gravity Forms is doing each step of the way and logs it all in a way that you can then review it. This is a powerful tool for support and development.

Important: When you’ve reached a resolution and no longer need the logging add-on, please uninstall it via the Forms > Settings > Logging page by clicking the red Uninstall Logging Add-On button, this ensures the log files are deleted.

Installing the Logging Add-On.

As of Gravity Forms 2.2, logging is automatically included within Gravity Forms.

Using the Logging add-on.

  1. Go to the Forms > Settings page

  2. go-to-the-logging-tabGo to the Logging tab.

  3. select--log-all-messages-Select ‘Log all messages’

    This step enables logging of all messages for the specified plugin.

    If you want to see how notifications are handled during form submission you would Log all messages for Gravity Forms Core.

    If you wanted to see how PayPal IPN messages are processed you would Log all messages for the PayPal Standard Add-On.

    If you are using a payment gateway add-on and want to see why the Credit Card field failed validation you would Log all messages for the payment add-on to see the full response the gateway returned.

  4. update-settingsClick ‘Update Settings’.

  5. Perform the steps to replicate the issue
    Logging statements are only recorded when the functions they are contained within are run, so to record how notifications are processed when the form is submitted you will need to complete and submit your form so that an entry will be saved and the notifications sent.

  6. return-to-the-plugin-logging-settings-pageReturn to the Plugin Logging Settings page
    See Steps 1 and 2 above.
    You should now find a view log link next to the Log all messages dropdown.

  7. copy-the-log-linkSend the link to Gravity Forms Support
    If you need help interpreting the results send us the link to the logs by replying to your open support ticket or open a new ticket via the support page. Right-click (or hold down the Ctrl key and Left-click) on the view log link and copy the link.

    Important: Please DO NOT copy the logging statements into your reply or take screenshots of the logging statements as this can make them difficult to read and can often miss the most important logging statements.

Custom Logging Statements

The Custom Logging Statements article shows how you can add your own custom logging statements for Gravity Forms core and the add-ons.