bookmark_borderResolving “FAILED (Temporary file could not be moved.)” Errors

If you’re receiving a FAILED (Temporary file could not be moved.) or FAILED (upload folder could not be created) error when using Gravity Forms or the Dropbox add-on this article will show you how to fix the error.

Check your file permissions

Most commonly, this is due to incorrect file permissions in the Gravity Forms upload directory.

To correct this, take a look at your file permissions on the server. Typically, folders should be set to 755, but this may vary based on your hosting environment. You may want to contact your hosting provider for more information on what your file permissions should be.

Install the Logging add-on

Typically, a great deal of information can be exposed when using the Logging add-on. If you’re getting an error, the logging add-on should point you in the right direction.

When looking through the logs, locate lines that contain GF_Field_FileUpload.

Ensure the file isn’t potentially dangerous

Many web hosts will block the upload of files that could be potentially dangerous such as .php files.

To allow these types of files, try including them within a zip file or contact your hosting provide for other possible solutions.