bookmark_borderSending Form Submission Notifications To Multiple Recipients

If you have multiple people handling your form submissions, you might need to send a single notification to multiple recipients. Here’s how to configure your notifications in Gravity Forms to send to multiple email recipients.

  1. First, access the form notification that you want to send to multiple recipients. This is done by going to to the form editor, hovering over Settings and click on Notifications.
  2. Scroll down to the Send to Email field and add each email that you want to send the notification to, separated by a comma. For example:,,
  3. Be sure to save your settings and test your notification when complete.

The BCC email field also supports this same functionality. Just set it up the same way you did with the Send to Email field. Of course, you can always replace any email addresses with merge tags to dynamically generate an email address based on the form submission.