Purchasing and Upgrading

If you want to purchase Gravity Forms, you’ll first need to select between three license levels. Once you’ve selected, click on the relevant purchase link. Your purchase will allow you to download Gravity Forms, and provide you with a license key that is good for a year. It will also allow you to access add-on downloads related to your account level.

You can upgrade Gravity Forms at any time and receive an adjusted/discounted rate automatically. Coupon codes and discounts do not apply to license upgrades. If you would like to upgrade your license, there are two routes you can take.

  1. Login to your WordPress site’s admin dashboard.
  2. Go to the Gravity Forms Settings page (Forms > Settings).
  3. If you entered your license key, Upgrade options will appear below the Settings area on that page, it may take a few seconds for it to appear as it is loaded via Ajax.
  4. If you haven’t entered your license key yet, enter it and save your Settings and then the Upgrade options will appear.
  5. Select the license you would like to upgrade to and click the upgrade link to purchase.
  6. Complete payment using PayPal.

The upgrade discount you receive is automatically factored into the price based on the license key you currently own.

Once payment is received your license key will automatically be upgraded. It may take several minutes for these to be reflected. You can then go to the Gravity Forms Add-Ons page (Forms > Add-Ons) and you should now have access to the add-ons associated with your upgrade.

An alternate method of upgrading is via the Gravity Forms support site:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your account or register and create one if you haven’t already done so.
  3. Go to the My Account page.
  4. Click on the UPGRADE link next to your license key.
  5. Select the license you would like to upgrade to and click the upgrade link to purchase.
  6. Complete payment using PayPal.

How do I find my license key(s)?

Your license key was sent to your purchase email immediately after you completed your purchase. If you have misplaced your license key and need to find out what it was you can do that easily. Login to the support forums and go to the right sidebar then select the “My Account” link. Your license key information is listed at the very top of the page.

Using Your License Key

To use your license key, install Gravity Forms on your WordPress site, activate the plugin and then go to Forms > Settings and enter it into the License Key API input field. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page, and a green check mark should be displayed next to the field.

If you don’t receive a green check mark, please double check what was inputted into the field, and contact support if you require assistance.

You can use your license key only on the number of sites you’ve purchased in your licensing terms. Sites are WordPress installations, not servers, or otherwise. This includes multisite installs which are, by definition, separate sites.

Please keep your license key secure as abuse of your license key could cause it to be removed from our system, and no refunds will be given for abuse.

Transferring Your License Key

To complete a transfer of a license key/support account we need an authorization email ORIGINATING FROM THE PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS USED TO COMPLETE THE ORIGINAL LICENSE PURCHASE. Please send this information/authorization to

Only email messages ORIGINATING FROM THE PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS USED TO COMPLETE THE ORIGINAL LICENSE PURCHASE will be considered valid for a transfer authorization.

We will also need the following information. Please make sure the information is completed in it’s entirety.

(please copy and paste this section into a new email message)

Current License/Account Information

  • Gravity Forms License Key:
  • Original Purchaser Full Name:
  • Original Purchaser Email:
  • Original Purchase Date:

New Owner Information

  • New Owner Full Name:
  • New Owner Email:

Authorization of Transfer

I certify that I am the current owner of the Gravity Forms product license key/support account listed above and authorize a transfer of ownership of the said license key/support account to the new owner named above.

Once we receive the authorization and confirm the account information, we can proceed with an account transfer. Thanks for your understanding.

Receiving an Invoice or Receipt

We will need information from you to be able to generate a proper receipt for your purchase. Please complete the form linked below and we will get a receipt sent to you as quickly as possible.

Request a Receipt –


Refund Policy

The refund policy is posted at the URL listed below.